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Start sending video messages, to improve your employer branding and create a great candidate experience.

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How it works?

Be the HR, that candidates love

Stop sending boring e-mails to your candidates. Start improving your candidate experience using Hypercare. Deliver engaging video messages, that people love, directly to their phones.

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How to start?

Use best templates

Begin with most common, ready to use Hypercare templates. Upload your videos and start building unique candidate experience.

Post screening message

Your candidates don't answer your phone calls? Send them our "post-screening" video message with the integerated calendar. Let them choose suitable date & time for recruitment meeting and create a great candidate experience

Post screening message

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Invitation for an interview

Your candidates do not come to recruitment meetings? Or come late and unprepared? Use our "meeting invitation" template, upload your video and reduce candidate's no shows.

Invitation for an interview

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Congratulations after job offer acceptance

Recruitment process finished? Start your preonboarding with the video message from the future manager. Use our "Congratulations" template, upload manager's videos and make new employees even more engaged.

Congratulations after job offer acceptance

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Unsuccessful application feedback

MWe believe that every candidate deserves feedback. However, not every candidate wants it and is ready for it. Use our template to offer feedback to everyone and give the opportunity to book a short feedback call with the recruiter or manager.

Unsuccessful application feedback

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Candidate’s feedback-NPS

Measure your candidate's feedback with most known NPS methodology. Launch a Net Promoter Score with Hypercare and pulse your candidate experience.

Candidate’s feedback-NPS

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Use cases

More great use cases

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Recruitment process

Send engaging content to your candidates. Build an emotional relationship with the best talents and walk them through your recruitment process.

  • Candidates are better prepared for the interview
  • The company can present itself and engage candidates
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Companies can distinguish themselves from competition

Of candidates claim they will not work for a company with a bad reputation even if they pay more than the competition.

Source: Employer Brand Research, 2019

Increase in quality of recruitment in companies that invest in candidate experience management and positive emotion engagement during the recruitment process.

Source: Employer Brand Research, 2019
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Engage Candidates before their first day at work. Let them better understand your company. Automate your onboarding with video messages.

  • Candidates feel taken care of and valued
  • The time needed to onboard the employee to the company is greatly lessened
  • Candidates better understand the company and its working culture

Increase of probability of being recommended as a positive workplace, by managing candidate’s experience.

Source: Employer Brand Research, 2019

Employees agree that personal values, company values, and working culture has to be aligned to achieve work satisfaction.

Source: Employer Brand Research, 2019
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Knowledge sharing

Use proven microlearning methodology. Deliver knowledge that employees need, directly to their smartphones. Involve internal or external experts.

  • On-demand training – no app installation required
  • Very fast to use, almost no implementation needed
  • Train your employees regardless of where they are, at a time most convenient to each individual
  • Start using internal resources of your company experts

Of employees claim they would stay longer in a company that invested in their training and development.

Source: Employer Brand Research, 2019

Of employees would attend a course recommended to them by their manager.

Source: Worklplace Learning Report, 2019
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Internal Communication

Exceptional matters require a unique form of communication. Awards, successes, changes - e-mail is not enough here.

  • Preventing company rumors that have a negative impact on the working atmosphere
  • Building the Team Spirit culture and stronger employee identification with the company
  • Showing the human face of the CEO, the Management Board
  • Well-informed employees are more effective employees

Percentage of employees who are not completely sure of their future in the company and they don’t feel safe in it.

Source: Worklplace Learning Report, 2019

Employees want to be able to enter in interaction with the company’s management.

Source: Worklplace Learning Report, 2019


Why our HR heroes are deligthed?


„We become more attractive to candidates”

„We use video messages as a tool developed by Hypercare for the second year right now. We use it in our internship and training program. It certainly diversifies the recruitment process, makes it more attractive to candidates and increases involvement in recruitment on their side.”

Wioleta Wasik,
HR Manager at Grupa Żywiec S.A. (Heineken Group)


„Added value in building the desired employer branding”

„Hypercare innovation not only improves the recruitment process but also provides added value in building the desired employer branding. We are currently monitoring the effectiveness of implementing this modern service and we noticed a friendly reception of this communication channel from the candidates.”

Anna Strutyńska,
HR Director at Eniro Polska


„Stand out on the employer’s competitive market”

„We have implemented video messages at two stages of the recruitment process. Candidates positively assess this form of communication, and we as an employer have the opportunity to build a positive candidate experience and thus stand out on the competitive Business Services market in Wroclaw.”

Katarzyna Kolarz,
Talent Acquisition Lead at OLYMPUS Business Services sp. z o.o.


Hypercare integrations

Hypercare is integrated with some of the most popular applicant tracking systems.

Start using Hypercare and become an HR hero.


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